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We strongly believe in honesty and impeccable financial principles. There are honourable ways of getting things done.

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It is customary for customers to go to banks but we are changing the narrative by bringing bank to you.

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There are lots of difficulties presented by life. Banking should not make the list. Customers deserve seamless transactions; we ensure that.

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Nature do not support stagnancy; why should we? We love to see you grow financially [and generally].

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Choose the best type of savings and investment plan to suit you.

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Track your transaction activities easily.


What We Offer

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Investment Saving (Kohinvest)

Here, you save into a lock-in account where you either choose to get interest on your savings on monthly basis or after some specified months.

2 Savings

Individual Savings

This allows you to save a specific amount daily/weekly/monthly. Such savings can either be made by cash to our Marketing Agents or paid through automated debit system on our online platforms with mild restrictions on withdrawal

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3 Savings

Kohoperative savings

This helps us moderate a group of individuals who have agreed to contribute to one another. One or two members get the accumulated weekly/monthly savings by turn.

4 We also offer:

Debt Retrival

Using our chain of agents, we offer third party debt retrieval service. We help individual or corporate bodies collect their outstanding debts at a percentage.

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5 Banking

Internet Banking

we offer Fintech solutions such as recharge, fund transfer, bill payment, etc.

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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

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KOHWOPE bridges the gap between everyday financial customers and banks

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